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EasyAnt is a useful tool that aims to increase the flexibility and popularity of Apache Ant by providing additional conventions and guidelines. It aims to improve the efficiency during the project build process by providing ready to use builds.
You can use this tool for integrating Apache Ivy and implement greater flexibility in existing build systems.


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EasyAnt is a collection of conventions that are used for a better adoption of Apache Ant in build and development. It seeks to make build management easier by avoiding repeated tasks and to allow build flexibility by being able to provide predefined Ant tasks for common cases. The goal is to make Apache Ant more friendly and flexible.


Flexible (you can override any convention and a lot of existent conventions is just a one line change)


Uses Java (in order to be configurable, you can’t use all Ant-native conventions)


Some enterprises use automatic repositories to download, build and deploy code.


All the files are configured in the ant/build.xml file that you must edit. For more options, see section: Build System (section:Global Configuration).


See section: Global Configuration.


See section: Global Configuration.


You need to see this documentation for information about the classes and methods available.


EasyAnt run
EasyAnt compile
EasyAnt task

The easyant tool is located in the tools/ directory.

Global configuration

Since all the configurations are defined in the build.xml file, you need to edit that file to add or remove the configuration in runtime.

EasyAnt provides default configurations that you can load from the ant/build.xml file. To use the built in configuration, import the EasyAnt jar file and put the following line in the build.xml file:

Create a directory for your external configurations. In this example, we’ll use a directory called “configs”.

Add the following lines in the project file:

When you want to load an external configuration, refer to the property name as follows:

To load the global configuration, put the following in the global configuration:

The EasyAnt.init() method will load the global configuration

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EasyAnt is a set of conventions, guidelines, and tricks to help you make your projects as dynamic as possible. The idea is to make your project configuration and build as straight-forward as possible. You can use this tool for integrating Ivy and implement greater flexibility in existing build systems. The conventions listed in EasyAnt can take advantage of Ivy to offer faster and easier project development.
EasyAnt can use Ivy as a dependency manager for code:

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– EasyAnt is free and open source.
– It automatically generates ant build files for you.
– It provides ant build files for the standard Maven plugins, Ivy’s core and all the other plugins that are already defined in Ivy.
– EasyAnt eases the configuration of Ivy.
– All the build files it generates are based on the standard conventions.
– EasyAnt uses standard patterns for the file and folder naming, build properties, etc.

FlexManager is a class-driven Swing application that allows your project members to view the “Flex Build Configuration” history of their project(s) via a task bar.
The History View includes the following information:
– Type: Shows whether the Flex project was built from a project XML (flat) file, or a project “project file” (.FlexBuild)
– Date: Shows the date and time of the build.
– Compiler: Shows the compiler that was used to build the project.
– BUILD_ID: Shows the build ID.
– Source: Shows the source that was used to build the project.
– Target: Shows the targeted platform that was used to build the project.
– Target File: Shows the target files generated by the project build.
– Build File: Shows the build file that was used to build the project.
– Target File Location: Shows the location of the target file on the file system.
– Build File Location: Shows the location of the build file on the file system.
– Build: Shows the contents of the build file (e.g..FlexProperties).
– Run Time: Shows the current run time of the project.
– Size: Shows the size of the entire project.
– Size: Shows the size of the compressed project.
– Saved Size: Shows the size of the previous saved build.
– Size: Shows the size of the build after saving.
– Saved: Shows the content of the previously saved build.
– Finish: Shows the build number, with the current build replaced with an icon that indicates the build status.
– Failed: Shows the build number, with a red square indicating the build number that failed.
– Error: Shows the build number, with a red square indicating the build number that failed.
– Warn: Shows the build number, with a yellow square indicating the build number that failed.

The Apache Ivy build extension is provided in order to simplify the

What’s New In?

EasyAnt is a user-friendly tool that allows you to…

As of version 1.1, JarHolder is fully compatible with Ant 1.7 and 1.8.
If you’ve upgraded to a newer version of Ant and are looking for a replacement for the jarhelper task, check out JarHolder.
JarHolder has been built from the ground up to be Ant 1.7/1.8 compatible. We’ve included a set of tasks that will work for you (automated jar creation, jar deletion, cleaning, etc.), so you…

Libraries that allow you to run tests from Ant may seem very popular, but they are not easy to use for developers who need to build a lot of projects.
In this article I will show how to create your own test suite that works with the Zend Framework in the top of the Ant build files. For example you can create a script with many different tests to check the availability of the Zend Framework for your…

In the Ant documentation there is a very good example for how to build a Web archive (WAR). However, it assumes the Web application must be installed in the webapps directory. For a large Web application that should be deployed to a server, this is not the most optimal situation. The whole directory structure should be built so the WAR can be deployed in the server. To achieve this we will use…

At the beginning of 2012 SpringSource released a new version of the Spring Framework. In order to generate new Spring projects, you need to use the new Spring Initializr. Unfortunately, it works only for Java applications. You can’t build a JRuby project using the SpringInitializr. There is a project that solved this problem and adds support for JRuby projects using the Java SpringInitializr….

For any developers using Maven for their builds, they’ve probably hit a problem where they can’t set up multiple goals for a dependency in a single declaration. In this case, if you want to start two tests, for instance, you would have to have two goals. This can be achieved using a “context” directive within the pom.xml file, but this is a very ugly, error-prone method. The Maven Ant Plugin is…

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create and run an example app that builds a ZIP archive out of your Java source files using Ant and the ZipOutputStream. We’ll also learn how to use


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