Big Blue Piano With Full Keygen [April-2022]

The Big Blue Piano VST plugin was developed to be an virtual “electric” piano – similar in sound to the Fender Rhodes. At the moment it is extremely minimal, with no GUI based controls at all (other than the keyboard).
However, vibrato can be controlled with the Mod-wheel MIDI cc. Channel aftertouch affects vibrato strength, and speed.







Big Blue Piano Crack + Free Download (Latest)

Big Blue Piano Crack Keygen includes a Multi Mode function that allows you to mix and
match various playing styles and music with this piano. By switching
between modes, you can produce various ranges of piano sounds.

The Controlls:


The Controlls tab:

Controlls Aftertouch:


The Vibrato Control Mod Wheel Channel has a Midi CC in it:

A: Off
B: 500 (default)
C: 600
D: 750
E: 850
F: 1000
G: 1250
H: 1500
I: 1600
J: 1700
K: 1950
L: 2100
M: 2400
N: 2700
O: 3200
P: 3800
Q: 4000
R: 4400
S: 4500
T: 4600
U: 4700
V: 4800
W: 4900
X: 5000
Y: 5200
Z: 5400
[: 5000
] : 5000
\: 6000
; : 6000
+ : 8000
– : 4000

You can define multiple different modes in the Multi Mode function:

You can adjust the sound of the different modes manually:


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Big Blue Piano Crack

 Red: C2, Esc, F#, Home, Insert, 1, Num Lock, Space
 White: B1, B2, C3, A, 0, Pause, Numpad0, Numpad4
 Yellow: F1, F2, G,,,,,,,.
 Blue: C#1, C#2, B,,,,,,
 Green: F#1, F#2, E,,,,,
 Magenta: G#1, G#2, G,,,,,
 Cyan: G,,,,,,,,.
 Light Blue: C1, C3, F#3, C4, C,,,,,,
 Grey:  B3, B4, F,,,,,,,
 Orange: D1, D2, G#1, G#2, F#3, C#4, D#1, D#3, D#4, D,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
 Purple: G#, B3, B4, A,,,,,,,,

MIDI Notes:
Any note on the low keyboard with vibrato and aftertouch affects vibrato strength, and speed. Channel aftertouch affects vibrato strength. Vibrato is on control CC:63. Speed is on control CC:68. Channel aftertouch affects both vibrato and speed.

MIDI Messages:
STOP: Player has stopped playing.
NOTE ON: Keyboard note CC:49.

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Big Blue Piano Crack+ [Latest-2022]

** The Big Blue Piano is a virtual “electric” piano that sounds very similar to a Fender Rhodes.
** The presets allow it to look and feel like a classic Fender Rhodes. The original Fender Rhodes in black was the cheapest and the earliest of the Rhodes Rhodes. The Big Blue Piano plays very similar to it. This is more suited for Pop music.
** The presets include the sound of a Fender Rhodes (which can be toggled on / off) and the “blue” Fender piano (which looks very similar to the Rhodes).
** The instrument has a unique sound, and over 30 variations of that sound. Each preset varies between analog effects, wah, organs, acoustic piano and a lot of other sounds.
** The preset can be re-loaded in one of two ways.
• You can press the space bar after playing a note to open the preset for editing
• or
• You can click on the preset in the piano roll (using your mouse) and drag a new note on top of the note that was on when you double-clicked. This saves you re-loading the preset. (NOTE: Presets take some time to load as each preset has hundreds of samples)
• Both of these methods work on the Mac and Windows versions.
** There is a control knob on the right side of the keyboard for the vibrato setting.
** There is a control mod-wheel on the right side of the keyboard. This can be used to change the frequency of the vibrato, and speed.

* Great sounding “real” piano. “Real” piano means that the samples are taken from an acoustic piano. If you try to use real samples of other instruments, you will get a sound that is much different than a real acoustic. So feel free to try other instruments (electronica, guitar, etc) but feel free to make a comment if you feel I did something wrong.

* Versatile and creative. On the Mac version you can use the left side Control Knobs for any of these settings. On the Windows version these settings will also show in the GUI and it is just a matter of clicking on the right side Control Mod-wheel.

* Feel like you are using the original (or a close version of it) in a sequencer or audio track.

* Great quality sounds, performed by a full orchestra.

* Versatile. Easily

What’s New In?

“The Big Blue Piano VST plugin is a virtual electric piano that uses the
same hardware as the famous Fender Rhodes, but offers two advantages:

a) The software was written to be transparent and abstract the Rhodes
internals, so a user can add the source code of his own rhodes sample
and get an exact reproduction of the original Rhodes sound.

b) The Big Blue Piano VST provides two semi-automatic slides: one for
vibrato and one for channel aftertouch.”

Big Blue Piano Information:

the plugin is supplied as a VST (Piano VST) plugin for VST3 or AAX software.
The plugin is limited to use with the synthesizers by Steinberg, Cakewalk and
The plugin is free of charge, it may not be used with other soft-wares, or
with hardware.
The plugins may not be sold, given away or sold as a fully functioning

Version: 3.01
For the latest release notes, please visit the UFWiki: Steinberg Big Blue Piano VST Plugin
Other plugins might have similar features.

(Instrument: Electric Piano)

This is another semi-automated plugin based on the Fender Rhodes. Similar to The Big Blue Piano, Samplit has been put together to be
a great library of sounds.
Samplit (Note Sequencer)

Samplit (Vibraphone)

Short Circuit
(Instrument: Vibraphone)

Short Circuit is another new “generator” that’s all about making cool sound effects. Now you can turn any key on your keyboard into a
bass drum, or use your guitar as a virtual piano, or even combine your synth with your guitar for a more layered sound.
Short Circuit Description:
“Short Circuit is a plug-in for interactive audio manipulation. It features a semi-automatic
bass drum (keyboard) synthesizer, a normal keyboard synthesizer, an arpeggiator (hosted by a
Rhodes Synthesizer) and a drum machine.
Short Circuit (Potato Lectrocut)

Short Circuit (Vibraphone)

(Instrument: Synthesizer)

Wolfenstein is an alternate synthesizer based on the Buchla,

System Requirements For Big Blue Piano:

Operating System: Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10
Processor: Intel Dual Core or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or equivalent
Network: Broadband internet connection
Storage: 100 MB available space
Resolution: 1280 x 720
The list of features:
You can play as a commander, adm!/?p=31109

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